Take part in youth exchange “Back to Our Roots!”

Seiklejate Vennaskond is organizing two youth exchanges “Back to Our Roots!”. Each youth exchange brings together 30 young people aged 18-26 of Estonian origin; 20 living abroad and 10 from Estonia. The main aim of the youth exchange is to introduce the Estonian culture and language to participants.

The programme includes:

  • introducing the Estonian history and cultural heritage to young Estonians living abroad;
  • sharing Estonian success stories, good practices and planned future developments;
  • teaching participants the Estonian language in the non-formal learning environment;
  • providing information about work and study opportunities in Estonia;
  • introducing Estonian governance system;
  • creating the network for young people of Estonian origin that might support repatriation.

Exchanges take place on:


  • 19 – 30 August 2019
  • 06. – 17  October 2019


More information about the youth exchange is HERE