Personal details updates

Every Estonian national has the obligation to update his/her data in the Estonian Population Register. If you gave birth, got married, divorced, changed your name or moved in Belgium or in Luxembourg, you need to provide the Embassy with this information.

Birth or marriage

An original international CIEC convention birth or marriage certificate should be sent to the Embassy together with a copy of your passport or ID card (and the one of the other parent/or your spouse). Belgian certificates with the QR code may be sent by email. Certificates without the QR code must be sent by post. The original document will be returned to you within a couple of weeks after your data in the Estonian Population Register has been updated.


An original certificate concerning judgments in matrimonial matters referred in Article 39 of the Brussels II Regulation should be sent to the Embassy. The certificate is issued by the authority performing the divorce and should be translated into Estonian or English.

Change of address

Registration of permanent residence abroad is obligatory for an Estonian citizen or an alien who holds a valid residence permit or has permanent right of residence in Estonia. Registration of permanent residence abroad makes it possible to guarantee the rights of citizens and aliens, which the Estonian state organises on the basis of the data of the population register.

Address data of residence have legal significance in Riigikogu, European Parliament, and local government council elections, referendums and opinion polls, payment of taxes to local government budgets on the basis provided by tax laws and in the performance of a public task if the performance of the task is related to residence.

Please register your residence abroad via e-population register. In case you do not have access to the register, it is possible to fill in the application form and send it to the Embassy either digitally signed or by post (please add a copy of your passport or ID card).