COVID-19 – situation in Belgium and Luxembourg and crossing borders


From 20.03 Belgium has forbidden all entry to the country without an essential reason. Border checks are put in place and there must be justification for crossing the border.

More information about crossing the Belgian border can be found on the website of Belgian Crisis Center HERE.

Belgian measures against coronavirus from 13 March can be found HERE.

From 18 March noon, additional measures have been introduced, which will significantly restrict mobility. People have to stay home, only travel that is unavoidable, such as going to work, visiting a grocery store or a pharmacy, going to a doctor, a bank or a post office etc is allowed.

Stores that do not provide essential goods are closed. The number of people in open shops must be limited.
Activity in open air is allowed, but people must keep distance from each other.

Police will be enforcing the containment measures.

On 15.04 the government extended the containment measures until 03 May 2020. 

Please follow news on the website of Belgian Prime Minister in French or Dutch HERE.

General information on coronavirus in Belgium can be found HERE (FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment).


As of 30 March Luxembourg has not officially closed borders.

As of 15 March Luxembourg has restricted traffic on public roads. Following activities like purchase of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities, visit of health services, travel from home to work and other situations of necessity are allowed.

Please follow official information on Luxembourg on the website of the Government of Luxembourg  HERE.