Measures against the spread of coronavirus in Belgium

Due to wide spread of coronavirus in Belgium new measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus are taken.

 From 19 October following restrictions apply:

  • Everybody who is over 12-years-old have to wear a mask covering nose and mouth in crowded public places (public transport, cinema, shopping centers and streets etc). NB! Masks are obligatory in Brussels region everywhere (all streets, parcs ect).
  • Close social contact (distance less than 1,5 m without wearing a mask) may be had with one person (under 12 years old children not included).
  • Up to four people can be invited to family gatherings (under 12 years old children not included) where social distancing rules apply.
  • Up to four people can spontaneously gather on the street.
  • Restaurants and bars must close for one month. Take away is allowed until 22:00.
  • Nightshops must close at 22:00. Selling alcohol is prohibited after 20:00.
  • On-site consumption is prohibited at markets. Christmas markets are cancelled.

Information on stricter rules as of 19 October

Additional rules for culture, entretainement and sport sectors are applied from 23 October (renewed on 29 October).

  • Night curfew from 22:00 to 06:00. In Flanders from 00:00 to 05:00.
  • All culture activities: museums, exhibitions, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, are closed. Libraries stay open.
  • All sports facilities (including gyms, swimming pools, ice rinks, gyms) are closed. Only children below 12 years can continue their sport activities.
  • Shopping must be done by one person in 30 min. Shops close at 8 pm. Home delivery of food until 10 pm.
  • Amusement parks will be temporarily closed; Zoos: indoor areas will be closed; offering and consuming drinks and food is prohibited.
  • Sports events: all professional indoor and outdoor sports events will take place without an audience. All amateur matches have been suspended. Youth competitions for children up to the age of 18 are still allowed, however, only one family member can attend. Offering and consuming drinks and food remains prohibited.
  • Indoor cultural events (marriage, funeral, religions events): a maximum of 40 people.

More information on rules for sport and culture

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