Coronavirus : Belgium outlines its exit strategy

On 24 April the National Security Council of Belgium presented based on the recommendations of the Group of Experts, the Exit Strategy from measures imposed in the country since 12 March to curb the spread of Covid-19.

However, the government emphasises that the virus is still with us and remains dangerous for the population.

On 04 May Belgium has started phasing out the strict confinement measures, as circumstances permit.

The measures set to remain in force are

  • Limiting contact between people;
  • Respecting social distancing;
  • Good hygiene practices, also called “barrier gestures”.

The federal government and the federated entities strongly recommended covering of mouth and nose in public places. From 04 May, covering the mouth and nose is compulsory on public transport from the age of 12. 

On 11 May all shops have reopened for customers. In some parts of Brussels wearing a mask in a shop is also compulsory. Please follow the instructions of local authorities.

On 18 May museums, libraries and zoos have opened their doors to public. Group trainings outdoors are allowed. Hairdressers and beauty saloons have started working. Both the service provider and the customer have to wear a mask.

Restaurants, cafes and bars are still closed.

Belgium has forbidden all entry to the country without an essential reason until 08 June. Border checks are made and you have to have with you a justification for crossing the border.

Read more about the Exit Strategy of Belgium and about crossing the border on official Coronavirus information website HERE