Measures against the spread of coronavirus

Everybody who is over 12-years-old have to wear a mask covering nose and mouth in crowded public places (public transport, cinema, shopping centers and streets etc) where distance of 1,5 m can not be kept.

From 09 October following new measures need to be taken in Belgium:

  • Everybody may have close social contact (distance less than 1,5 m without wearing a mask) with three people (under 12 years old children not included). These 3 persons need to be the same during the following month.
  • Up to four people can be invited to family gatherings (under 12 years old children not included) besides the ones already in one’s “social bubble”.
  • Up to four people can spontaneously gather on the street.
  • Cafes and bars must close at 23:00 and only four people are allowed to sit at one table.
  • Maximum number of participants for inside public events is 200 and for outdoor events 400.

Due to high infection rate in Brussels city, following additional measures apply:

  • Cafes and bars must close for one month. Restaurants stay open, but must close at 01am.
  • Drinking alcohol in public spaces is forbidden.
  • On-site consumption is prohibited at markets.
  • Amateur sports competitions take place without an audience.
  • Sports clubs must close their restaurants.

From the end of September Belgian Coronalert application for phones is available.

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