Updated information on countries and self-isolation requirements for passengers travelling to Estonia

Restriction on freedom of movement for passengers arriving in Estonia depend on whether the coronavirus infection rate in their country of departure is above 16. This means that 16 or fewer people per 100 000 inhabitants should have contracted the virus in their country of departure in the past 14 days. Anyone arriving in Estonia from a country with a higher infection rate must self-isolate for two weeks on arrival.

Starting from 01 September, the restriction on the freedom of movement can be replaced with virus testing. A passenger has to be tested upon his/her arrival in Estonia and re-tested 7 days after. If the first test is negative, the person can go to work, but still has to avoid unnecessary contact with other people.

Based on the coronavirus infection rate the two-week self-isolation period or testing is mandatory for people arriving in Estonia from Belgium (during the period from 21 September to 27 September 2020).

Self-isolation or testing is also mandatory for people arriving in Estonia from Luxembourg (arrival during the period from 21 September to 27 September 2020).

Coronavirus infection rate list is updated every Friday and updates will take force the following Monday. Restriction on freedom of movement means that the individual is obligated to refrain from unnecessary contacts for 14 days from their arrival in Estonia and is allowed to leave their place of residence or accommodation only for seeing a doctor, shopping for food, essentials and medicines, and in emergencies.

Comprehensive information about countries and requirements is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://vm.ee/en/information-countries-and-quarantine-requirements-passengers

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia