Travelling to Estonia from Belgium and Luxembourg

Before arriving in Estonia, you must fill out a traveller’s questionnaireIt can be done electronically already 3 days before the arrival to Estonia.

There are no restrictions for those arriving to Estonia from European country with the infection rate below 75 per 100 000 inhabitants in the past 14 days.

The PCR test for coronavirus will be compulsory on arrival from a European country with a 14-day case notification rate between 75-200 per 100 000 inhabitants if there is no evidence of COVID-19 vaccination, documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 or a negative test result.

A mandatory 10-day restrictions on movement period applies to those, who are arriving from a country with an infection rate higher than 200, which can be shortened by two negative tests on the first and sixth day. A person who is fully vaccinated or has recovered from COVID-19 disease is exempt from the restrictions.

From 16 August 2021, Belgian 14-day infection rate is over 200 per 100 000 inhabitants.

Infection rates are published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. The list is updated every Friday, updates take effect from the following Monday.

Comprehensive information about infection rates and requirements is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: