Estonia elected to UN Security Council for 2020-2021

At Friday’s election of the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council in New York, Estonia received a mandate to become a member for 2020-2021. Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu stressed that it was a historic event and a great day for Estonian diplomacy. Membership of the UN Security Council would make Estonia significantly greater on the world map.

“The UN is the most important organisation in charge of peace and security, and having a seat at the table of the Security Council provides Estonia with a chance to contribute to resolving conflicts and ensuring peace across the world. Estonia advocates a world order based on rules and international law,” he said. “By actively participating in the global organisation, Estonia is also ensuring its own security in the best way,” Reinsalu added.

The Foreign Minister said that Estonia’s priorities during its UN Security Council membership would include maintaining the world order based on international law, sharing our experiences related to the digital state and e-governance, climate and environmental issues, and making the functioning of the Security Council itself more efficient.

“E-governance and cybersecurity are definitely priorities for us as a digital nation, and they are directly linked to our security,” he said.

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