Estonia celebrates 100 year anniversary of diplomatic relations with Belgium

A hundred years ago today, on 26 January, governments of the members of the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers – France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Japan – recognised the Republic of Estonia de jure. Formal relations with Japan were established on the same day.

On 27 January 1921, the Postimees daily announced, “Final recognition – which is, after all, what recognising ‘de jure’ or ‘by law’ means – by the major powers of the West completely opens up the path for the Estonian people into the esteemed family of nationally independent nations. Any doubts and disbelief about whether the Estonian nation, regardless of its thirst for freedom and brave struggle for independence, can preserve its independence have been removed once and for all with the final recognition among the great Western nations.”

The de jure recognition from major powers brought increased political and territorial security and opened the door to subsequent acts of recognition, as well as providing an opportunity to launch friendly relations and boost economic prosperity through trade.

The friendly relations established a hundred years ago remain strong today. Estonia has embassies in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Japan, and we enjoy close contacts bilaterally as well as in international organisations.

To mark the occasion, we have prepared a timeline of the relationship between Estonia and Belgium. This is a chronological gallery of historical photos, documents and texts, which gives an overview of the unique and important moments in the relationship between the two countries over a period of 100 years. Read about Estonian and Belgium relations HERE.

Enjoy the journey through time!

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs