Travelling to Belgium from Estonia

Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

All travelers coming to Belgium by plane or ship must fill in 48h before entering the country a Passenger Locator Form. It is unnecessary to fill in the form for travelers who are arriving by road transport and stay under 48h. The form can be found on

Quarantine and testing

From 14.06.2021, passengers travelling from Estonia to Belgium are not required to provide a result of negative COVID-19 test. There is also no general quarantine obligation. Nevertheless, quarantine obligation is decided on the basis of the PLF form. If you receive an SMS, then quarantine is obligatory. Quarantine ends with negative result of COVID-19 test done on the 7th day.

It is possible to do COVID-19 test without a prior visit to the GP. Test centers in Brussels are marked on the interactive map.

Professional travel

From 04 January, Belgium makes a distinction between travel for business reasons and non-professional travel. Belgian employer or an international organisation established on the Belgian territory must fill in a BTA (Business Travel Abroad) form: The Form generates a number which will be used to fill in the Passenger Location Form. It is important to note that registering a professional travel does not exempt Belgian residents or non-residents from the requirement of COVID-19 testing.

Please see comprehensive information about entering Belgium on the website of SPF Foreign Affairs.

More on quarantine and measures against coronavirus in Belgium can be found on