Registration open for Lõimeleer 2019

Lõimeleer is a cultural immersion camp for young Estonians aged 10-16 living abroad. Held in summer, it gives them the opportunity to mix with kids their own age who live in Estonia, learn handicrafts (woodwork, jewellery and textiles), play games involving musical instruments, singing and dancing, find out how horses are used and controlled and other quintessentially traditional Estonian skills. 

The main organisers of Lõimeleer are mainly MTÜ Lõimeleer the partner is Viljandi Culture Academy- leisure time manager-teacher, folk music and Estonian native crafts teachers, students and alumni from Viljandi Culture Academy.

Camps in 2019
Camp 1: 28 June-3 July, activities tied in to ESTO Global Estonian Days Festival and Song and Dance Celebration
Camp 2: 21-26 July, activities tied in to Viljandi Folk Festival, ESTO Global Estonian Days Festival and festival courses
Camp 3: 28 July-2 August, the program will be turn out soon

More information and registration: Lõimeleer 2019


It is also possible to participate with the whole family with accommodation at Tääksi holiday home.
For more information please contact
Priit-Kalev Parts
+372 5205230

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