Worldwide Estonian Language Week

Monday 23.09.2019 to Sunday 29.09.2019

First Worldwide Estonian Learning Week will take place from 23-29 September 2019.

The Estonian Institute invites you to learn and teach Estonian all over the world for one week, on September 23–29, 2019. Approximately one thousand people are already studying Estonian at universities or language courses throughout the world, and many Estonians are maintaining the mother tongue among their descendants abroad.

In September, we want to reach three million people who will learn some words or expressions in Estonian, such as numbers, greetings or congratulations. Every Estonian speaker can help! For that, you do not have to be a language teacher, all you need is a willingness to teach a few words to a foreign friend, acquaintance, colleague or neighbor.

How and where to learn and teach Estonian? Open the website of Estonian Learning Week, where you will find tips for a language learner and teacher. There will also be links to web courses (Speakly, Keeleklikk) so that those who are interested could continue learning Estonian. Each learner can mark their location on the map, from Greenland to Australia. Social media content and videos about learning Estonian are also welcome and will be posted on a Facebook page keelEST.

Visit the site of Estonian Institute for more information about the Estonian Learning Week.

Monday 23.09.2019 to Sunday 29.09.2019