Estonia will festively celebrate the 150th anniversary of the song celebration

In 2019 Estonia will festively celebrate the 150th anniversary of the song celebration – the first song celebration was held in Estonia in 1869. This summer the song celebration will take place for the 27th time and dance celebration for the 20th time. 

The Estonian Song Celebration is a tradition, also listed in UNESCO listed treasures, that dates back to the year 1869. In almost 150 years, the song celebration has had a significant effect on the development of Estonian identity and politics. The tradition has enriched the Estonian language and culture. More than once has it encouraged the population to oppose the occupying forces while pursuing the wish for freedom and self-determination.

The 27th song and 20th dance celebration My Fatherland is My Love will take place in Tallinn from July 4–7, 2019.

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