Belgium started Phase 3 of the phase-out plan

On 03 June, the National Security Council approved the transition to Phase 3 of the phase-out plan starting on 08 June. This implies a radical change in approach compared to the rules that have been in force so far. From now on, freedom is the rule and what is not allowed is the exception.

As far as individual behaviour is concerned, following rules still apply:

  • Hygiene measures remain essential;
  • Outdoor activities should be favoured wherever possible. Where necessary, rooms should be adequately ventilated;
  • Additional precautions should be taken for people belonging to a high-risk group;
  • The rules regarding safety distance continue to apply, except for people within the same family, for children under the age of 12 and for people with whom there is closer contact. Those who cannot respect the safety distance have to wear a mouth mask;
  • It is possible to have closer contact with 10 different people every week, in addition to the family members. This is an individual right. These 10 people can change from one week to the next;
  • Group meetings are limited to a maximum of 10 people, including children. This applies to all gatherings, regardless of whether they take place at home or outdoors (e.g. in the park or at a restaurant);

From 08 June, restaurants, cafes and bars have opened their doors for 50 people at once. Up to 10 customers are allowed at the table and the distance between the tables has to be 1.5 m. Waiters must wear a mask.

Cultural events and activities are allowed without an audience from 08 June. Events with audiences (cinemas, theaters), with up to 200 people, are allowed from  01 July. Establishments must ensure that social distance is maintained. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended.

Sports events, trainings, competitions are allowed from 08 June for up to 20 people both outdoors and indoors (incl. gyms). The rules of maintaining social distance must be followed. Contact sports, such as judo, boxing, basketball, etc., should be practiced without contact. Changing rooms, swimming pools and wellness centers will remain closed. From 01 July sports can be practiced with up to 50 people at once.


From 8 June, it will be possible to travel inside of Belgium with trips lasting one or more days.

From 15 June, Belgium has opened its borders for travel to and from the European Union, including the United Kingdom and the four other Schengen countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway). However, it is up to each country to decide whether to open its borders. To know the situation in the country of destination, it is therefore advisable to consult the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs. The conditions for travel outside of Europe have yet to be defined in light of the evolution of discussions at European level.

Source: Prime Minister of Belgium