Destination Estonia ONLIVE presentation

Thursday 29.04.2021 to Thursday 29.04.2021

Join us ONLIVE at Destination Estonia Experience Edition, April 29th!

WHEN: Thursday, 29 April 2021, 3 pm.

WHAT: Curious about Estonia as a destination? We will take you on a ride: 45min of live presentation that is divided into 3 topic sections and followed by 45min of break-out sessions on different themes.

WHO: We are welcoming tourism professionals to the presentation and sessions. If you are a tour operator, journalist, travel agent or represent trade media – we hope to offer some new angles about Estonia along with the practicalities.
The event and sessions are hosted by Visit Estonia team.

WHY: Are you a culture scout, natural nomad or a flavour seeker? If you are one or all of them, the presentation is a great match for you! This is your chance to learn about Estonia, what there is to experience in the country and for those who have been long-term friends of Estonia an opportunity to get updates about this little patch of land where with so much to see, there’s an extra season for it, where fast food comes as fast as it grows and where fewer crowds lead you to deeper conversations.
Yes, it is another online event, but we will do our very best to share inspirational and practical info in a way that you will not feel bored!

HOW:  You will learn about travel guidelines, get inspiration for possible story ideas and tours, and gather tips and suggestions on the best ways to enjoy our little destination. Be it for travelling yourself or for sending your customers or readers. Join in the live presentation in a studio, then ask questions in your chosen break-out rooms (or in all of them!) or watch the presentation later at your convenience. Oh, did we say there will be prizes for the active listeners?

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Thursday 29.04.2021 to Thursday 29.04.2021